Did you see Back to the Future in theaters last weekend? I sure did, and was pleased to see that the film has held up beautifully. It’s just as funny and relevant to modern audiences 25 years later, and there aren’t many films that can say that.

So assuming you’ve got plans to pick up that stacked blu-ray set today (complete with Eric Stoltz clip), picked up that excellent Looney Labs card game, what else do you have to look forward to?

Well you’ve got Telltale Games to bow down to. As we previously reported they’ve got the license to the franchise and are creating a “season” of entirely new stories with the help of series’ co-creator/co-writer Bob Gale, featuring the voice acting of Christopher Lloyd. The stories will take place after the events of Back to the Future Part 3 and will be released as five episodes- one a month- starting in December.

Telltale just announced that the game will hit PC and Mac first in December and come to the PS3 and iPad in the (er) future at an unidentified time and price. There’s a preorder special on their site that gives you the game at a cheaper price of $24.95, give you a copy of their awesome Professor Layton-ish Puzzle Agent game, as well as donate a dollar to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. They’ll also allow you access to insider forums on their site that will allow you to chat with developers about the title.

“We’re very excited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Back to the Future franchise with a completely new adventure,” said Dan Connors CEO Telltale Games.  “It’s been an amazing experience to be part of reuniting Marty McFly and Doc Brown on their continuing quest.  Back to the Future fans will have a great time helping to control the integrity of the space-time continuum.”