In the interest of encouraging outside-of-the-box marketing strategies (the bar for which has been set all year by Disney and Tron: Legacy), and to let Atlanteans know what kind of goodies they are in store for if they attend the CHUD Due Date screening, I though I’d share with you this cute little promotional gimmick sent over by Warner Bros… branded iPhone 4 skins. Obviously this only appeals to people who have an iPhone, and only the latest model, but that’s still a pretty hefty chunk of folks, and we can all appreciate a nice foreskin joke.

I snapped a photo or two so you can see what it looks like to turn your most dear personal electronic device into a call-making billboard for a blockbuster comedy.


As for Due Date itself… I’m not sure. The trailers don’t make me disinterested, but all they really do is confirm to me that yes, all of these cool people I enjoy are actually in the film. I hope the road trip story of Due Date builds up real momentum and becomes a memorable comedy, but for now all of my interest is coasting on goodwill for the principles…

Due Date will be in theaters on that date that it says on the thing.