CHUD has been given a nice little exclusive on some news that should make sci-fi fans very happy.  Lexx, that sexy sci-fi series from overseas, is coming to 

Lexx has a patchy DVD release on this side of the Atlantic. Only season 1 is readily available here in the US.  Luckily, American Lexx fans have Hulu — but for Canadian and international audiences don’t have any digital streaming options. Until now. BIGSTAR will be making all four seasons available to stream to your preferred device no matter where in the world you live. Now you and your loved ones (a certain kind of loved one) can watch this kinky program together, among other BIGSTAR offerings.

I’ve attached the press release below. No need for me to gunk up their words and intentions! Enjoy, and thanks to BIGSTAR for the scoop.


October 22, 2010 –, the premier worldwide platform to watch movies on-demand, today announced the availability of hit science fiction television series, Lexx.  For the first time, international audiences are given access to instantly stream all four seasons of Lexx on a variety of devices.  All 61 episodes of Lexx  are available to watch on-demand via almost any device with an Internet connection, including: web-connected TV sets, Roku player, iPad, iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, PC, MAC, Linux, and many more.

“The addition of Lexx expands the depth of our already diverse library,” said Xavi Dalmau, president and CEO of  “I am pleased to reinforce BIGSTAR’s reputation as a leading source of independent films and hard-to-find content.”

Lexx, a television series provided to by Echo Bridge Entertainment, features the adventures of four misfits traveling through two hostile universes as they desperately try to find their way home.  Aboard the Lexx, an organic and highly destructive space craft, the crew is confronted with the conflicting and bonding personalities of one another, not to mention the divinity and chaos of parallel universes.

Audiences new to can watch Lexx  and thousands of other titles at no cost by redeeming a seven-day free trial of BIGSTAR’s Unlimited Movies membership.  After the free-trial period, membership privileges to view movies around the world from any device start as low as $4.99 a month.

For more information, or to instantly stream Lexx or any of BIGSTAR’s independent, foreign and hard-to-find movies, visit