The dinky image above is a 500px preview of the massive Arcade Aid puzzle game found at The approximately 12 million pixel image is crammed with over 150 visual puzzles, the answer to which are all classic video games titles. The site is a longstanding viral website that was discovered through the Flynn Lives! campaign earlier in the year, but it has been updated from something like 50 puzzles to the current count. The game allows you to enter answer and it keeps track of your count, like rewarding those who complete it with some sort of special gift in the mail, or a link to a new segment of the viral.

The puzzle is extremely cute, and besides branching off into the system grid of the Tron world itself, there is also a representation of the huge WonderCon Tron event, parachute dude and everything. It reminds me of the badass Empire “Cryptic Canvas” puzzle that took the same approach with movie titles.

I thought it would be fun, especially for Message Board chewers, to have a unified CHUD go at the puzzle so I set up an account just for CHUD Readers to contribute to. I’m not sure how simultaneous users will work (I tried it with two computers at a time and it wasn’t a problem), but I’d suggest refreshing often.

UN: ChudDotCom
PW: tronviral

Disney is definitely getting their dime’s worth out of this campaign…

ETA: Thought you might dig seeing the cute perler bead art that a few websites were sent to announce the refreshed games, from /Film and Collider respectively.