This may well be the most awesome website I’ve come across since
discovering playboy.com in Mr. DiMauro’s Earth Science computer lab
in 1994. Name-droppping Saul Bass or Kyle Cooper in an article about
title design used to be a mark exclusive to the learned cinephile until Art of
the Title
started shining the limelight the best of the hundreds of
talented title designers currently working. Their feature
articles are smart and the site design is clean, easy to browse, and features a choice
selection of classic film and television opening sequences in
multiple formats — many featuring commentary and in-depth
interviews with the artists involved.

@NASA / @NASA_Astronauts / @NASAJPL

I love that we live
in a world where we get up-to-the-minute news from NASA sandwiched
in between the latest Steve Martin one-liner and a Woot-off for a
five-piece sushi set.


VBS.tv, the video arm of Vice Magazine
shares its newsstand sibling’s weird mix of attitude, vulgarity and intellectualism, channeling them into a library of high-quality video
content from around the world. Content includes excellent long-form
documentaries (Toxic Garbage Island), smart political
(Politicians Pundits and Other People),
unusual and sometimes NSFW behind the scenes featurettes
(The Vice Guide to Film), a fantastic
technology watch (Motherboard)
and a series about drunk guys explaining U.S. history.

Throw away your television.

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