The website for Black Swan
is neither a “viral site” nor a traditional website for a film, but a
stark, creepy countdown page. Employing the same disconcerting, sparse
vibe the original landing page for The Fountain employed (which at the time was nothing but droning tones and shifting amebic masses of yellow), Black Swan page will get under your skin if you let it sit too long. The URL is “
which is a pretty thick thematic link to the film already, and
the lack of traditional copy does give it the feeling of a viral site,
but it’s clear immediately what film is being promoted.

site starts as a typical intro landing page, but once you click it
becomes a kind of countdown calendar that scales with your browser. Each
square designates a span of time out from the films release, and it
seems that each box is filling with a short moment from the film on the
appropriate day. Whatever box your cursor hovers over reveals a close-up
of black swan feathers. Taken all together it is more than a little
strange and sets a disturbing tone for the film itself. I like when the
web-teams behind these marketing efforts do something interesting,
especially with such a texturally rich film as this that lends itself
towards a website as mysterious and intriguing as the film appears to

December 3rd is when Black Swan
is released across the country, but it generates more positive buzz
each week on the festival circuit. Aronofsky is undoubtedly among the
working filmmakers I admire the most, and each of his films has
profoundly affected me. His mix of darkness with visual interest, and a
real concern and love for humanity results in films that are truly
classic- Black Swan appears to fit his filmography well. I am eager to
catch it as soon as possible, and I’m sure most of you do too. 2010 has
several treasures left to offer yet.