On Monday. news of Mel Gibson appearing in The Hangover 2 began spreading across the internet like a drunken bar fight. It was said he would play a tattoo artist the boys visit in Thailand – however we were wise to err on the side of caution.

What we didn’t know was that Gibson would not be in the film because of stupidity: Deadline reported last night that the cast and crew rejected the idea of a Mel cameo, due to his infamous anti-Semitic remarks a while back!

If you go to Deadline you’ll see how right-on-the-head Mike Fleming is about the hypocrisy in all of this: the cast and crew have no issues working with a convicted rapist (Tyson), but want nothing to do with Gibson because of some racial slurs he made while trashed? Are you kidding me?

Regardless of what you think of Gibson, what the crew did here is wrong; whatever happened to forgiving people? Apparently The Hangover 2 folks have different standards for what they will forgive and forget.