Because Shyamalan felt his last outing, The Last Airbender, was so well received he’s decided to return to the world of  sci-fi/fantasy with a project he’s calling One Thousand A.E – in no way related to Titan A.E.

True to his nature he’s keeping the story details close to his secret vest, because that always works well for him (remember The Village fiasco from ’04, when the “twist” ending was leaked early). This new thing is being developed by Will Smith’s Overbrook company for his kid, current-Ralph Macchio Jaden. Probably because he’s intelligent, Will is not taking the adult lead role – choosing instead to remain on as producer.

About the only good news taken from the Hollywood Reporter exclusive is that “avid bacon fan” and Book of Eli scribe Gary Whitta is writing One Thousand A.E. – NOT Shyamalan.