Who could’ve guessed that Jackass 3D
would end up being the most well-received 3D film since Avatar? Everyone, probably. With or without the extra dimension, the Dickhouse boys’ track
record all but guarantees a balls-out weekend and further bolsters
the rather obvious – to everyone but the studios, it seems – notion that compelling
content will drive a film’s success and that 3D is just icing on the

Another reason why these movies are so
successful is that for all the retarded antics going in front of the
camera, the people behind it are serious about not fucking with their winning process. We’re not talking about Scorsese-level seriousness, but this
is the biggest Jackass film to date and the tight rapport between
these pranksters still outweighs their budget.

VBS.tv was invited to the set of
Jackass 3D (not a surprise, given co-creater Spike Jonze’s history with the online network) to plumb the shallow
creative waters wherein stunts like getting rammed in the nuts by a
goat or locking Steve-O in a bungee-rigged shit-filled port-o-potty
are spawned. Nestled amongst the merriment and dry heaves is some really great technical information, with the guys at Paradise 3D explaining how the cameras
(two RED R1-MX sensors) are configured and how they fit into the Jackass oeuvre.

REAL SPOILER: This video gives away the final stunt of the movie. (The aforementioned Steve-O/poo cocktail.)

Viceland also has a lengthy interview
with Johnny Knoxville
that’s worth a read.


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