Rockstar Games has sent over two new trailers for Red Dead Redemption‘s upcoming Zombie Nightmare DLC.

The first shows you what the Graveyards in the game look like. These are the areas I talked about in my hands-on article with the dlc, the new places that let you mount an assault against the zombie hordes. It’s going to be quite fun tracking these down and burning all the zombies inside.

The latest trailer gives you a quick look at some of the new weapons you can wield- the torch, holy water, and the destuctive blunderbuss. The latter is loaded from body parts of the newly dead undead.

The pack will be available as a digital download on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network on October 26th, and it will run you a cool ten bucks. Not bad for the amount of content offered. Those of you without internet connections to download it(how are you reading this?) will be able to pick up a standalone Undead Nightmare disc in stores. That one will run you thirty bucks and contain all three dlc packs released thus far.