I’ve been thoroughly preoccupied with Desktop Tower Defense. During this whole redesign process it’s been like sweet, sweet crack; I can keep the free game open and paused in a browser tab, flipping back once in a while to get a round or two in. So one or two rounds occasionally becomes thirty. So what? The game is tough, cute and a lot of fun, even if I’ve now hit a wall that I just can’t get past, no matter how I change my tactics.

So I’ve been curious about PixelJunk Monsters for the PlayStation3 and jumped on it when Sony sent me a download code this morning. (Doesn’t hurt Sony that, like Alex, my 360 is currently dead.)

There are a lot of differences between the two games; both have you setting up upgradable towers to defend against a steady stream of monsters, but that’s where the similarites end.

I’m not sure that I like having to actually roam the battlefield collecting money and making upgrades, as PixelJunk demands. But I’ll play a lot over the next few days and have a review at the beginning of the week…