I have done my share of dramatic shrieking about remakes, but I try to make one exception. If it’s a book or a play, I shut the hell up.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making another version of Hamlet, or filming a new version of My Fair Lady.  If Broadway or the Royal Shakespeare Company can do it, I don’t really understand the agony involved if Hollywood does it. It’s a reinterpretation. You can pick your favorite.

But there are exceptions. Huge, flashy, crossdressing exceptions. One of these would be The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Yes, it’s been running on stage since 1973. But it’s only been filmed once. That’s all it ever needed. That’s all it will ever need. For variation, you seek it out on stage. It’s how you get Joe Public to visit the theater districts of their cities.  They either go see Rocky Horror, or Phantom of the Opera.

But that’s set to change. According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Fox is in talks with Glee creator Ryan Murphy to helm a remake. Between the very nature of Glee and the fact that it’s got a Rocky Horror episode coming up, it’s a no brainer to a studio executive.  Thankfully, there’s nothing definitive. They’ve just talked.  But fans are still freaking the hell out, as they should. Again, there’s nothing wrong with redoing musicals, but you don’t just run with a Glee episode into a remake. 

Come on, Fox. Walk away from this one. Just put down the contracts and walk away.  We’ll….we’ll get you help. Someone to talk to.  It’s ok to have felt these feelings — everyone wonders what Hugh Jackman would look like in lip liner — but we need to just stop it at dreams. Ok? Come on. I’ll get you a juice box.