Back in 1987 Ken Grimwood published his book Replay, about a radio man who dies from a heart attack at age 43… then suddenly awakens back in 1963 and in his 18 year-old body. Faced with the chance to relive his life with full knowledge of the future, he does so – only to die again in ’88 and be “reborn” in ’63. This time he appears a few hours later than the first rebirth, and with each death and renewal the time between them gets shorter and shorter. No matter how many times he relives his past and changes events he is unable to prevent his heart attack in 1988.

It was a widely heralded book upon its release 22 years ago, and would make a great film in the right hands. Lee Rich of Lorimar had optioned the book before seeing it fall into the dreaded Pit of Development Hell.

Now screenwriter Jason Smilovic (Lucky Number Slevin) has turned in a script that has many people in Hollywood excited, and according to Deadline Ben Affleck is one of them. It’s unclear whether he’d direct and star, or one or the other, but his interest is very high. Mike Fleming says he’s already given Smilovic some notes and is waiting for a rewrite before picking which project he’ll do. After the praise he’s received for The Town he’s having no trouble getting offers, now he just has to figure out if Replay is at the top of his list.