Adrien Brody believes the Italian wool was thrown over his eyes when he agreed to star in Dario Argento’s Giallo. So now Brody is suing to keep the film from being released on DVD today… don’t think he quite made it!

Poor Adrien is saying he had signed a pay-or-play deal, only to find out a week into filming that the film was underfunded. When he threatened to walk the producers gave him the old “we have 2 million in funding lined up” spiel, and then tricked him into signing a new agreement where he would defer the exact amount they were missing ($640,000)! His new agreement would also give him the right to veto any use of his image he wasn’t happy with, which is what he’s trying to do.

This is where the lawsuit comes in: the producers of Giallo ignored him when he asked them not to release the film, so now he’s trying to get a permanent injunction against the distribution of the movie, as well as $3 million in other damages.

Brody isn’t the only one displeased with the producers, as director Argento himself has allegedly washed his hands of the film over his dislike of how they edited it! By all accounts the film, which is about a serial killer who drives around in an unregistered cab murdering foreign chicks, isn’t exactly among Argento’s best work anyway. Perhaps Giallo will be one for Argento fans only, then.

Hollywood Reporter had the exclusive, so you can read more by following this.