God of Carnage is a play about a playground brawl between two young kids, with one losing a few teeth in the process because he decided to get hit in the face with a stick. Later that evening the parents of the two children meet to talk about the fight, only to end up yelling and screaming at each other – just like their children did. And this is a comedy!

It is an award-winning play from French playwright Yasmina Reza that originally premiered in Switzerland in 2006. When it made its way to London in ’08 Ralph Fiennes was in the cast. When it finally came Stateside in ’09 Jeff Daniels and Jim Gandolfini were the headliners.

Now with the film adaptation from Roman Polanski, his stars are Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz and now Deadline says John C. Reilly has just signed on! All great performers, so this is potentially going to be an acting showcase that will translate well from the stage to the screen.

Filming is scheduled to begin January in Paris.