is this? Every single day of the week (almost), a new Graboid, a
single moment grabbed from a random movie, appears on this site for you
to guess the name of the film, share with your officemates, or discuss
on our message boards. Sometimes the Graboid will be very easy and
sometimes it’ll be as obscure as obscure gets. So read the news, read
the reviews, and enjoy a screencap each and every day for your guessing

The Guestboid is a
Graboid provided by a guest contributor.



This article is a Benefit, offered via this Graboid With Benefits
piece.  The correct guesser of the Graboid was Chewer, dontEATnachos.  His requested Benefit was a Guestboid.  So here it is.


1. don’tEATnachos is competing against his fellow Chewers for another Graboid win with this Guestboid
2. Chewers are going to have 20 guesses to figure out from what film the above image is.  The guesses will be counted down in the Graboid thread.  If no one can get it, don’tEATnachos gets another Graboid win.
3.  If someone does guess it before the 20 guesses are up, it counts as TWO Graboid wins.  So regardless, someone is going away happy.
4.  don’tEATNachos is required to provide at least three cogent hints along the way.
5. Due to the guessing limit, each Chewer is allowed no more than two guesses (unless I say otherwise, but don’t count on it).  So guess wisely.
6. Per standard Graboid rules, questions may be asked to try to narrow the possibilities, but that will also be capped that at 20.  No Chewer can ask more than two questions.  So question wisely.

You too can have a Graboid With Benefits prize, available at your nearest CHUD outlet, corner liquor store, porn house, or Scientology Recruitment Center.