It seems so natural that the madness-spreading Gods and betentacled beasties of H.P. Lovecraft’s lore would be a natural fit for Scooby-Doo (and for all I know, has been in the past), and yet the combo has never occurred to me before. I’m not a huge doothusiast but I’ve seen my childhood’s share of episodes, and it looks like I’ll be catching one more before I die. The show will be introducing the characters Harlan Ellison and H.P. Hatecraft along with a monster called Char Gar Gothakon when the the gang visits a local college…

Yep, Scooby-Doo is doing Cthulhu, and if the following image (embiggable) doesn’t sell you, I’m not sure I can do any better…

Tonight at 7:00pm on Cartoon Network. Check it out and support more classic horror literature in children’s toons!

The official release, and two clips below.

Shrieking Madness: With Mystery Inc. broken up, the gang
decides to check out life after High School and spend a weekend at
DARROW COLLEGE. But things don’t go as planned when a creature called
CHAR GAR GOTHAKON begins terrorizing the campus. Turns out this beast is
a fictional character come to life. A creation of the author H.P.
HATECRAFT who is a professor at the school. Although one of the other
professors, HARLAN ELLISON, claims Hatecraft is a fraud, the creature is
definitely real. And when it attacks and carries off Hatecraft to his
doom, the gang realizes it has to come together once again to solve this
mystery and save Hatecraft’s life.

(via Bleeding Cool, with many thanks to Casey Moore)