Top Gear is the best that there is. Nothing comes close to me in terms of presentation, delivery, and truly brilliant writing. We’ve now given away dozens of copies of these amazing DVD packages at the Sewer and the infiltration of this show into the collective is one of my proudest accomplishments. While the show is huge globally I still find people all over that have yet to sample its wares. Heck, I was a late adopter myself.

Now it’s time to give away the latest DVD set to hit America, and I have a handful of copies for you folks out there and to be in the running for a copy all you have to do is indulge a few of our self-promotional efforts.

And please, don’t forget to include your mailing address in your entry.

1. Have you signed up for our mailing list yet? If you haven’t, please do. If you have, thank you!

2. Do you know that the book I co-created in on shelves now (and Kindle) and that if we can make the Bestseller List on Wednesday when it’s announced, many more stores and airports and places will order it and greatly improve our chances on being successful and not total losers?

3. Have you been enjoying the work that our new writers, Elisabeth Rappe, Steve Murphy, Damon Houx, and Joshua Miller have been doing? What about home video sweetheart Troy Anderson?

4. Did we effectively gross your ass out in our latest CHUD List?

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Thanks for enduring. Now answer those in an email generated from the link below with your mailing address and you will be in the running for a DVD set that will bring you many hours of pure joy.