Lionsgate is releasing Apocalypse Now on blu-ray for the first time ever, and we’ve got three copies to give away!

In the Vietnam War epic, Martin Sheen stars as Army Captain Willard, a troubled man sent on a dangerous
top-secret mission into Cambodia to assassinate a rogue Green Beret, Col. Kurtz (Brando), who has barricaded
himself in a remote outpost. As Willard ventures deeper and deeper into the wilderness of the jungle, he embarks
on a strange journey that leads him to Kurtz – but also forces him to come face to face with the terrifying vision of
the heart of darkness in us all.

We have three copies of the two-disc version to give away! Here are the tons of special features you will find on these glorious discs.

• Apocalypse Now and Apocalypse Now Redux – presented in 1080P High Definition
Widescreen, in their original 2.35:1 theatrical aspect ratios and new 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
• NEW “ A Conversation with Martin Sheen and Francis Ford Coppola”
• NEW “ An Interview with John Milius” interview by Francis Ford Coppola
• NEW “ Fred Roos: Casting Apocalypse” featurette
• NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN Complete Francis Ford Coppola interview with Roger Ebert at the 2001 Cannes
Film Festival
• NEW TO THIS EDITION Original 1938 Mercury Theatre Radio Reading of “ Heart of Darkness” featuring
Orson Welles
• Monkey Sampan “ lost scene”
• Additional Scenes
• “ Destruction of the Kurtz Compound” end credits with audio commentary by Francis Ford Coppola
• “ The Hollow Men,” video of Marlon Brando reading T.S. Eliot’ s poem
• “ The Birth of 5.1 Sound” featurette
• “ Ghost Helicopter Flyover” sound effects demonstration
• “ A Million Feet of Film: The Editing of Apocalypse Now” featurette
• “ The Music of Apocalypse Now” featurette
• “ The Synthesizer Soundtrack” article by music synthesizer inventor Bob Moog
• “ Heard Any Good Movies Lately? The Sound Design of Apocalypse Now” featurette
• “ The Final Mix” featurette
• “ Apocalypse Then and Now” featurette
• “ The Color Palette of Apocalypse Now” featurette
• “ PBR Streetgang” featurette
• “ The Color Palette of Apocalypse Now” featurette

Note that this isn’t the three-disc version, which also contains Hearts of Darkness.  

To win-

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2) Include APOCALYPSE in the subject.
3) Peruse our newly reborn Guiltiest Pleasures list and choose the film you’d most like to see appear on blu-ray in a packed set.

U.S. entries only, sadly. Winners will be notified by email. Good luck!