It is not a news flash to say that Criterion is to DVD as the sun’s healing warmth is to a summer afternoon but lately they seem to be rather inspired with releases on the horizon ranging from the super offbeat (House, Antichrist) to essential (The Night of the Hunter, Paths of Glory) to sublime and inspired (The Naked Kiss, Army of Shadows). Add to that the first Guillermo del Toro title and the still delightful Broadcast News and you have a very costly but very rewarding collection of Blu-Ray (and also standard DVD.

It’s hard to justify spending in upwards of thirty-five bucks for a Blu-Ray version of a Criterion you own (though and VideodromeThe Darjeeling Limited tempt me immeasurably), but it seems as if they are really coming on strong and in a business where the supplements and artwork seem to be reaching all time lows it’s sort of on us as consumers and fans to support the guys that do it right and nobody on the planet does it as right as these guys.

Here’s how amazing Criterion is: It almost doesn’t matter if you even like the film sometimes. It obviously helps but I am not a fan of The Thin Red Line and the Criterion version is still beckoning to me. Some Criterions are tools. Companions to films that educate and inspire and in many cases elevate the experience.

It’s a damn good time to step up and start filling your library.