Shock Till You Drop has the exclusive first look at the poster for Nicolas Cage’s upcoming supernatural revenge actioner, Drive Angry.  The film co-stars Amber Heard, William Fichtner, David Morse, Billy Burke and Tom Atkins.  It also reunites My Bloody Valentine’s director, Patrick Lussier, and writer, Todd Farmer.  

The official synopsis:

Milton, a hardened felon has broken out of hell for one last chance at redemption. Intent on stopping a vicious cult who murdered his daughter, he has three days to stop them before they sacrifice her baby beneath a full moon. He’s joined by Piper – a young, sexy waitress who liberates her ex-boyfriend’s cherry-red muscle car in order to help Milton. Now, the two of them are hot on the trail of the deadly leader of the cult, Jonah King, who believes it is his destiny to use the baby to unleash hell on earth. But the bloodthirsty cult is the least of Milton’s problems. The police are after him too. And worse, an enigmatic killer known only as “The Accountant” – who has been sent by the Devil to retrieve Milton and deliver him back to hell. With wicked cunning and hypnotic savagery, the Accountant will relentlessly pursue Milton at high speed across the country until his mission is accomplished. Fueled by high octane and pure rage, Milton must use his anger to go beyond all human limits to avenge his daughter’s murder, before his last chance at redemption is revoked.

The poster is downplaying the supernatural elements of the movie for the most part, but thankfully, it’s up-playing Amber Heard.  It’s also making a point of highlighting the film was shot in 3D, rather than just the post-conversion crap.  Some quick checking over at Wikipedia reveals that the cars being used in the film are a 1969 Dodge Charger and a 1971 Chevy Chevelle, so at least Cage won’t be having any Eleanor issues.  Although from the look on his mug, Cage looks like he’d just give Castlebeck and Drycoff the Death Race 2000 treatment without thinking twice this time around.  The premise sounds good and I’m looking forward to it. 

You can click the image to enlarge.  Drive Angry opens on Feb. 11, 2011.