Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian Games have just released the fifth developer diary for Fallout: New Vegas,
one which finally features the famous Las Vegas Strip. They know that
it’s the main area of the game, so they’ve sunk a lot of time into
making sure it looks just right. Watching Wayne Newton talk about it is
just icing on the cake.

this is a futurized version of 1950s Rat Pack-style Vegas, so it’s got
quite a unique look. Expect all the gamling and debauchery famous from
the location.

other diaries are embedded below, so that your week can slow to a
crawl. Sure, it’s a sidestory rather than a full sequel, and does look
at times like an expansion to Fallout 3, but when could that possibly be considered a bad thing?  Fallout: New Vegas hits stores next Tuesday, October 19th.