Newsflash: Men In Black II was a great big piece of horrifying. That being said, it was only about 10 minutes long so at least the pain was short.

Now that everyone involved with that junk pile is coming back – and in 3D no less – casting information is coming out. This time from Pajiba, District 9 star and all-round sweetie Sharlto Copley, has signed on to play a “fast talking Yoda-type character”. And not just Copley but Gemma Arterton and Alec Baldwin as well, who is set to play the head of the 1969 MIB team.

In fact, the supporting cast is pretty good with Josh Brolin playing the young Tommy Lee Jones, Emma Thompson, Jemaine Clement and the old Tommy Lee Jones all set to appear. And now with Copley and Baldwin dare I say MIB 3D might be worth seeing after all?

The film has Agent Jay (Will Smith) going back in time to 1969, and teaming up with the young Kay (Brolin) to take on an alien threat. With filming to begin in a few days (October 18th), this potentially amazing film should have no problem making its scheduled release date of 25th May 2012. Assuming the world hasn’t ended by then.