The breaking news from El Mayimbe at Latino review is two fold: One is that we’re getting a new Godzilla movie, and the first person offered it is Gulilermo Del Toro.

Del Toro is an obvious choice as he has a great love for monsters (see: Blade 2, The Hellboy series), and knows how to work a budget. But with Del Toro hard at work on At the Mountains of Madness with James Cameron behind him, it seems that Madness is a go picture, and this seems like a film he could only be involved with on a superficial level – unless the producers at Legendary Pictures want to wait until 2013 at the earliest. This is likely some form of courtesy.

But regardless of Del Toro’s involvement, it looks like we’re going to get a new Godzilla movie. I don’t know if that means we’ll get a man in suit, but from El Mayimbe’s article he uses the word “creatures,” or that is to say plural. And even if the Godzilla movies sometimes default into wrestling matches, when its Godzilla versus an interesting adversary, that can be enough to make a film. The original script was called Pacific Rim, but it’s not hard to turn a giant dinosaur into Godzilla.

The last American attempt at Godzilla was helmed by Roland Emmerich. It was a truly terrible film, so the good news is that they have nowhere to go but up. Though from Mayimbe’s reporting it sounds like the last draft wasn’t great, so they’re trying to bring in a writer/director to clean it up. I think they should think outside of the box and offer it to the late Russ Meyer. Unfortunately, I don’t know how well he’d adapt to CGI, though I’m sure there’s a learning curve. But if anyone knows about how to film large objects in motion, it’s Russ. Hopefully Legendary Pictures aren’t prejudiced.

Big ups to El Mayimbe and the guys at Latino Review