Last week, the Internet nearly broke after Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan, and David S. Goyer clasped hands in contractual agreement.  I picture it being like Rome’s depiction of the Second Triumvirate, but that’s because I romanticize things.

Anyway, a lot of rumors flew, some of them quite ugly.   The only one confirmed by multiple sources (THR’s Heat Vision Blog and Latino Review) was that General Zod was the villain of the piece.

Not so fast, says Snyder. He’s in Italy promoting The Legend of the Guardians, and as the case with modern movie production, no one wants to talk about that. They want Superman quotes.  Bad Taste.It caught up with Snyder, and asked if it was true he’d be kneeling before Zod.  Snyder dismissed the story.  “For now it’s just a rumour.”

Some are reading a lot into the “for now” bit, as it’s not a firm denial. You can if you want.  It certainly suggests there might not be a firm Superman story, or it could be that he’s just playing coy.  He certainly was implying there was “an amazing story” by Goyer and Nolan last week, though, so there has to be something.  There’s been enough consensus by the Internet scoop hunters that I think there definitely was a Zod-oriented story, but perhaps it’s been tossed.

We’ll soon know. It all kind of goes back to that original quote I pulled last week when Snyder laughed and insisted no one really knew anything about the script. (And to think, some of you said I couldn’t read…!)