1) A new Between Two Ferns

There is simply no greater continuous comedic web short than Between Two Ferns (though Drunk History gives it a run for its money), and today there is a new entry released onto the webzones. This is number 11, and the first to feature Die Hard himself, Bruce Willis. It’s not my favorite episode by a long shot, but Bruce’s looks of utter boredom, despair, and full-on crazy are worth it. Also, don’t miss checking out this wonderful Zach Galafianakis swimsuit photoshoot where a particularly short-bearded Zach poses with the level of straight-facedness only he can manage.

2) Have yourself encased in Carbonite!

Need a fun holiday gift for the nerd in your life? Look no further than a custom-carved likeness of any goddamn nerd encased in Carbonite. From Paul Pape designs, they’re 50 bucks and limited to 200 pieces, so don’t wait or your Jesus Christ you fucking nerd will miss out.

3) For the Back To The Future fans…

Michael J. Fox teamed up with Spike to reshoot a classic teaser for the first Back To The Future film. The fidelity to the original piece is impressive, though it’s kind of baffling when in service to something like Spike’s Scream awards. In any event, Michael J. Fox will be at the ceremony along with BTTF co-stars Elisabeth Shue and Lea Thompson.



4) Amusing Social Network meme.

“A million dollars isn’t cool. www.youknowwhatscool.com …?”