After failing miserably with the reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street, despite having the perfect non-Englund Krueger in Jackie Earle Haley, director Samuel Bayer has just signed on to adapt the noirish graphic novel Tumor for Red Crown Productions.

Tumor is about an elderly detective who takes on a final case in the hopes of redeeming himself. The twist is he has an inoperable brain tumor that screws with his head, leading to bouts of hallucinations that interfere with his work.

Admittedly it’s a cool idea, and one that could translate very well to the silver screen. The crux is it would benefit better from a visionary director, and I’m not sure Bayer is the answer but he could always surprise and prove Elm Street was the aberration. Stranger things have happened.

The hallucination aspect could be great, so hopefully Red Crown will be able to surround Bayer with a great cast and even better script – and perhaps not helming a marquee title such at Nightmare will help Bayer deliver a more focused and professional film than his debut was.