Real quick, who’s the most fan-casted guy in the universe?

When we reported last week that David O. Russell would be directing the Uncharted adaptation, frenzied Nathan Drake fan casting began instantly. For a quick sampling of who’s “tracking” well for the role, feel free to read the comments section in that article. Even you-know-who is getting into the act, as revealed by a recent tweet from Captain Mal himself:

“If there ever was a Twitter campaign, let this be it. Rise, ye Browncoats. Rise, ye Castillions. RISE!”

This is not nearly as inspired as the Donald Glover for Spider Man campaign. In fact, Fillion’s the most obvious choice out of a list of obvious choices – if you’ve played through either of the Uncharted games, you probably got the sense that Naughty Dog was channeling Fillion for Drake from the start. But why not? Fillion may not be a surprising choice, but Nathan Drake isn’t a very surprising character. It’s not like he can bring any harm the entirely derivative Uncharted universe, so Fillion gets my vote, if only by default. It’ll still probably go to Wahlberg, though.

For now, it’s all just chatter, but watching a guy lobby for a role that was likely modeled after him seems hilariously recursive. Hopefully Fillion knows what he’s getting into. Expect whoever plays Nathan Drake to [Spoiler!] fight monsters borrowed from The Descent in 2013.