Alright Chewers of Los Angeles… I’ve got another sexy one-month pass to Cinefamily (at the Silent Movie Theater) to give away!

The sexy pass will get you:

  • One free pass to all of our general admission screenings.
  • Free admission to private members-only screenings.
  • $4 discount on special event screenings.
  • A handy membership card.
  • A free bucket of popcorn.

Jennifer R., winner of the previous one-month pass, had this to say: “The one-month pass completely changed my life, which was awful and meaningless before. Now my life is perfect! Thank you CHUD and Cinefamily!” *

This Friday writer/director Ti West will appear in person for a screening of his House of the Devil, along with Peter Jackson’s gonzo classic, Dead Alive.

And there are still a lot of amazing shows happening throughout all of October at Cinefamily (with some great things planned for November coming your way). On the horizon…

The Thursday night giallo marathon continues raging (this week with an Umberto Lenzi triple feature).

The Diabolical Dr. Cinefamily’s Horrifying Anthology Of Horror Anthologies: feat. Night Train To Terror and Creepshow). With The Room‘s Tommy Wiseau in person!

Comedy Death-Ray: Brian Posehn presents The Blob.

Doug Benson’s Movie Interruptions: Link (a killer ape & Elizabeth Shue sideboob!).

Cinefamily Heavy Metal Halloween Party & Fundraiser (feat. Cinefamily’s 100 Most Outrageous Kills!)

House On Haunted Hill w/ The Tingler (William Castle’s daughter Terry Castle in person!)

and much, much more!


Simple. Send an email to with the subject of CINEFAMILY CONTEST, and tell me your best trick’r’treating story. It could be the funniest, happiest, scariest – whatever “best” means to you in this context.

Good hunting!

* She never said this. Though she is enjoying free movies, I hear.