We hate running bits of non news here on CHUD. But it’s a slow day, and there’s nothing that stirs discussion like Darren Aronofsky and the Case of His Eventual Comic Book Movie.  Plus, I get to actually use all the buff Wolverine images I saved for strictly professional purposes.


According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Aronofsky is one step closer to signing for Wolverine 2.   He’s turned down Warner Bros’ The Gangster Squad, but he hasn’t rejected Fox just yet.  DHD is claiming the problem is less about artistic scruples, and more about money.  Black Swan is getting a lot of delicious festival buzz,  Aronofsky is in demand, and dealmaking isn’t easy.  Let’s use the lusty phrase employed by Deadline: “Aronofsky — who worked for next to nothing upfront to get Black Swan made — is in the throes of landing a healthy payday in the vicinity of $5 million against 5% of gross.” Oh, my. Where are my smelling salts?

Of course, the story could actually be about artistic integrity and not about the paycheck. Maybe Fox is throwing money, Hugh Jackman is begging his pal to make his character cool again, and Aronofsky is saying what all onlookers have already said: “Do I really want to make Wolverine 2? I mean, the first one was not good … sure I could improve on it … but I’ve got this Noah’s Ark script and maybe I could just work for free again.”

Or maybe it will take Wolverine 2 to get Noah made.  I could live with that. And if this is simply a fanboy itch Aronofsky really, really wants to scratch, I can live with that too.  Everyone should get a chance to cut loose and play with an action figure, and Aronofsky has certainly earned that from us.