You have to regard this as total B.S. for now, but it’s potentially too good to not even mention.

Dread Central has just reported that Christopher Lambert is “in talks” to join Nicholas Cage and everyone else in the 3D  Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. The only flaw in this bit of news is that it’s directly from Lambert himself via his Facebook page, so a few grains of salt need to be taken with it. The sequel already boasts Ciaran Hinds, Johnny Whitworth and Idris Elba, so adding Lambert wouldn’t be too ridiculous… well, maybe it would. Lambert, isn’t exactly in the same league as those gentlemen, but he has a strong cult following based on his Highlander and Mean Guns work – so perhaps there are legs to this rumor.

Scheduled for a February 17th, 2012 release, this Neveldine/Taylor movie is hoping to get underway in November, so if this turns out to be true Lambert will be performing his famous laugh in 3D for all the world.