It’s the famous story- they were five weeks into filming Back to the Future when director Robert Zemeckis decided to cut his lead actor Eric Stoltz and recast the role with Michael J. Fox from Family Ties. Concerned that Stoltz just wasn’t right for the part, Zemeckis somehow managed to convince Universal Pictures and executive producer Steven Spielberg that they needed to reshoot and well, the results speak for itself.

But we’ve never seen what Stoltz might have looked like in the role…. till now.

THR has a clip up from one of the special features on the upcoming blu-ray set, which will feature never-before-seen footage of Stoltz as McFly. Hopefully the blu will contain some raw footage so we can compare classic movie lines, but it’s pretty bizarre seeing him in these now-iconic scenes as it is. Check it out!

Thanks to Jesse for the heads up!