Dread Central have gotten their hands on some exclusive Danny Boyle news, regarding his interest in a 3rd entry in his zombie franchise that began with 28 Days Later.

Speaking directly to them, Boyle says he wants to direct it and that the title would be, as of now, 28 Months Later. As for the plot not much is known, although Boyle is on record (2007) as saying the film would take place in Russia, and not France – even though the end of 28 Weeks Later mentions a French infestation.

Since ’07 there’s been little to no news about Boyle’s involvement with the rumored project, as he’s been busy with films like Slumdog Millionaire and Sunshine. The fact that he wants to direct the third film is great news, especially since he still seems excited about the franchise.

Boyle’s latest film, 127 Hours, details the true story of a mountain climber who lops off his own arm after being trapped beneath a rock, and is due in theaters November 5th.