Are you making your way through Enslaved: Odyssey to the West? Hold off just one second! Namco Bandai has provided us with spare allotments of downloadable codes for the game and we’re sending them your way. These are the codes that were only available to those who preordered the game, and are available nowhere else! We have enough codes to provide 17 lucky readers with an entire set of codes. Why 17? Why not!

Each winner will get three codes, which will give you three different costumes that feature different abilities. They are the “Ninja Monkey” outfit, the “Classic Monkey” outfit, and the “Sexy Robot Trip” outfit. Don’t look at me that way, that’s actually the official title.

Each one offers improvements to the character’s abilities, Sexy Robot Trip giving her increased stun abilities, for instance. (Of course.) The black Ninja Monkey outfit gives you unlimited plasma and shock ammo for your staff, and the red and gold Classic Monkey doubles Monkey’s melee attacks. Sure will make it easier to go through on a Hard playthrough with these…

To win a set, send an email to creaturecorner at gmail with the subject ENSLAVED and simply let us know if, after beating the main game, you’re interested in getting the Pigsy DLC for the game. Also- please specify if you want a code for Xbox 360 or PS3!

Good luck!