If you’re going to see a movie in the next, I dunno, couple of weeks then…


If this was ever intended to be a surprise then plenty of Jackasses have already spoiled that Jackass 3D will contain a special 3D introduction from the boys themselves, Beavis and Butthead.

/Film caught wind (heh heh) that the pair would introduce the film with a quick 3D Beavis and Butthead short, one likely taking a shit on 3D in the way only they can. /Film also pasted this immediately into a big bright headline, so as much as many would have enjoyed the surprise, that’s kind of a sailed ship.

In any event, it will be a fun way to start off what might be the most fun film of the year. I watched a few episodes of Jackass just last night and it didn’t’ take long for me to realize just how much I missed these assholes assholeing around, and it’s perfectly appropriate that two other missed MTV icons will bring them back to the stage. Quell any worries- it seems the animation will be as traditionally shitty and hand-drawn as you remember, simply stretched into multiple planes.

This is apparently one way to get the guys back out there just in time for their return to television (where they ultimately belong).

Be sure to check out the only worthwhile two hours of content MTV will put their logo on this year, opening Friday!