Moviehole is reporting that Bradley Cooper is on Warner Bros.’ short list to portray The Flash in the upcoming superhero film.  Cooper was in the running for The Green Lantern, but has previously mea culpa-ed that his use of the Christian Bale bat-voice cost him any chance of that gig.  Ryan Reynolds went on to don the ring and green tights.  But the two are also set to co-star in an untitled buddy cop flick from Sheldon Turner (Up In The Air).  Cooper is currently filming The Hangover 2 for the Warners, and they reportedly love them some Cooper and DC is very keen to have Cooper be ‘part of the family’.  At this point, though, this is merely rumor.

Meanwhile, Deadline has an exclusive that The Flash and The Green Lantern 2 scripts, both worked on by Greg Berlanti (story for The Flash, script for GL2 with Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green) will be in by Christmas.  Guggenheim and Green are doing the draft for The Flash.  Deadline also speculates that Berlanti probably won’t helm The Flash: “He won’t want to direct it because he kinda wants to do something in
between size-wise first before attempting something that large,” an
insider tells [Nikki Finke]
.  Berlanti’s Life As We Know It just opened in #2 at the Box Office and his No Ordinary Family just premiered a couple of weeks ago on ABC.