It looks as if the HBO biopic experience, which netted him a recent Emmy win, appeals to Al Pacino.  The Oscar winner, who recently portrayed assisted suicide advocate, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, in the HBO film, You Don’t Know Jack, is in talks to tackle the story of Phil Spector next.  What’s better, David Mamet will write and direct the project, and Barry Levinson, who directed Jack, will exec produce, according to the NY Times.  Spector is of course the legendary record producer who created the signature “Wall of Sound” in the 1960s and was known for his crazy wigs before recently being convicted of second degree murder in the shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson in 2003. 

Should be plenty of good material to mine there; and if Pacino disappears into this role as he did with Kevorkian, and if Mamet brings his usual A-Game, no reason to think that this wouldn’t end up being a very interesting biopic.  No word yet on what time frame the story will take place in, whether it will cover Spector’s career going back to the 1950s or just the more recent goings-on with the murder conviction.  Project is still untitled.