After the recent airing of the episode that seems to have driven off all but the die hard fans, “Across The Sea”, Lost has just gotten more confusing, as well as seemingly retconning pretty much everything that came before season 4. If anything, that episode has made me still love the show, and I’ll be with it until the finale on May 23.

Surprisingly I wasn’t a viewer right from the Pilot episode back in 2004. I didn’t get into the show until it’s second season premiere “Man Of Science, Man Of Faith” I just happened to stroll into my parent’s bedroom, and my Mother was about to start watching the premiere. Right from the spectacular opening sequence I became hooked on the show. I got my Dad into it as well. 5 years later, and my Dad and I are still huge fans of the show, and my Mother has moved on from the show.

I’m always big on spoilers. I even did a blog on them. There are very few shows/movies that I will not want to spoil for myself. Lost isn’t one of them. I like finding out as much as I can about upcoming episodes, and that usually keeps me from not being let down. “Across The Sea” didn’t have many spoilers, save for some set pictures and Sneak Peeks from I still saw it, and had an interesting time watching it. It didn’t answer much, and could have been handled differently, but then again this isn’t the first time this show has put the brakes on itself.

The raft destruction wasn’t addressed until the second episode of season 2, and the destruction of the Swan bunker wasn’t addressed until the 3rd epsiode of season 3. Personally I liked seeing “Across The Sea”, because after the mass murder in “The Candidate”, it explains what led to The Entity killing all of these people. Even though it didn’t answer anything about the frozen wheel, (why isn’t it frozen at that time? how was it going to work?) I still liked the revelation about this energy source.

Another thing that I really liked is that every character we’ve been led to believe to have all the answers (Ben, Richard, Jacob, The Entity) have no answers. They’ve just been going along through the years, because someone else told them they had to. There’s only 2 episodes left, and I know that the penultimate episode is going to be pretty great. Then we reach “The End.” 2 and a half glorious hours. After that, I’ll  probably have no need to watch a tv show on a regular basis anymore.

I’ve even got tickets for myself and my Dad for next thursday’s live interview with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse that’s going to be broadcast to select movie theaters. Luckily the theater 2 towns over will be getting it. Can’t wait to see that show. Especially with the person that I know who likes Lost as much as I do.

“Lost: Main Title” by J.J. Abrams.

Thanks for reading my blog and see you next time!