Those of us not named Devin Faraci haven’t been lucky enough to get a glimpse of Your Highness.  The rest of us are waiting impatiently for a trailer, and biding our time until April 8, 2011.

But those who want to go the extra mile and visit their comic shop in March will actually get a sneak peek.   Sean Phillips announced today that Dark Horse will be publishing a Your Highness one-shot. The gloriously Labyrinth-esque cover is to your right.
(Still no leather-clad Natalie Portman, though. She’s not in this part of the story, I guess. Sorry, guys.)

Here’s the official story synopsis for Your Highness, the comic: Prince Fabious is the pride of his kingdom—his exploits are the stuff of legend. To keep the kingdom of Mourne safe from the vicious wizard Leezar’s minions he will have to slay a rampaging Cyclops, which has already destroyed a village! In the meantime, Prince Thadeous, Fabious’ brother, and royal embarrassment, embarks on a diplomatic mission to the Dwarf Kingdom. All he needs to secure peace with the dwarves is obtain a simple signature. But when Thadeous decides to partake in the Dwarf Kingdom’s kind herb and show them who the life of the party is, he may be the spark that sets off a war and be its first casualty! These stories lead directly up to the events at the beginning of Your Highness, the movie!

It written by Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley, penciled by Phillips and inked by Paul Peart. It will be hitting shelves on March 2, 2011.

I think you can expect epic Red Sonja style boobage. And probably a really funny story, too.