We’re entering a new age here at CHUD, with a refreshed stable of writers, a re-energized concentration of efforts, and a focus on consistent, knowledge-backed fun. To ring in this new era for the site we wanted to bring you a truly special, truly memorable, truly incredible list that characterizes what CHUD is about, and we think we’ve cooked up just the thing.

The 25 Grossest, Most Execrable Moments in Film.

We’re here to explore the most depraved, flinch-worthy, vomit-inducing (or vomit-involving) moments ever put to film. We’re not interested in simple gore and viscera here… We’re looking for the shittiest, pusiest, cummiest, pukeiest, piss-filled scenes in the history of motion-pictures. Some will be huge, some will be small, but they’ll all be gross. We’ve also put an unprecedented amount of effort into pre-planning, scheduling, and dividing the effort for this list, so expect it to hit you every one of the next 25 weekdays (with a number of special surprises planned for the weekends!).

So without further ado, grab your nearest complimentary airsick bag (or maybe just a whole trashcan) and jump into CHUD’s newest list.

DAY 24



City of the Living Dead (1980)

The first part of Fulci’s The Gates of Hell trilogy, it’s a batshit crazy fever dream of a movie, with a reporter and a psychic on a race to close the Gates of Hell before the undead can take over the Earth.  The whole thing was spurned on by the suicide (by hanging in a cemetery!) of a priest, whose ghost shows up all over the place wreaking some startlingly disgusting havoc.

The Setup:  Rosie Kelvin (Daniela Dorian) is getting’ steamy with her man in the car when the ghost of Father Thomas pops up in front of her.  Apparently ghostly zombie priests are telekinetic…


Well for starters she starts crying blood, which is a mix of gross and horrifying.  But then – insides made outsides by way of the mouth…


Rosie Kelvin!  And it keeps coming…

And coming…

And coming…

And coming…

And coming…

…well you get the idea.  This chick ends up empty.


All over her lap, one would presume.  Which is NOT, for the record, where your entire digestive tract needs to be.


If Ms. Kelvin survived the transfer of in to out, then, well, that sucks for her.  Lord knows I wouldn’t wanna walk around with all of my innards in the floorboard back in the car.  And, just to add insult to injury, after he has to watch the woman he was just feeling up get drained, the boyfriend has his brain ripped out of the back of his head.  Nicely done, Father Thomas.


So gross.  Gross as balls.  Just watching it slowly and steadily pour out of her mouth is awful.  And it looks completely realistic.  Wanna know why?  BECAUSE IT IS.  Apparently, not content to just manufacture some stunt guts, Fulci had Doria actually vomit up real sheep intestines.


Today’s installment written by Jeremy G. Butler