It’s been a big year for Darren Aronofsky, with a steady stream of news related to the projects he’s pitching, shopping, adapting, and being considered for. His name was on the shortlist for Superman, Robocop faltered, Wolverine could happen, and Angelina Jolie’s name has been associated with Aronofsky’s for a second time. Earlier in the year came word that the two were pitching an adaptation of Serena that sounded delightfully like a There Will Be Antichrist  for the pair. I’m bummed I haven’t heard more from that project, but Angelina and Aronofsky may yet work together if she has joined with her partner Brad Pitt on his potential next film, The Tiger.

The Tiger is a Ghost and the Darkness  type film that has a poacher and tracker hunting down a loose man-eating tiger. Where Angelina would fit in is unknown (she’s scrawny gal though, she’d probably fit in most places), but apparently Guillermo Arriaga, who is adapting the non-fiction source novel for the project, mentioned that Jolie would be starring in the film. There is a strong chance that something was communicated incorrectly somewhere down the line, but the original quotes can be found on this spanish-language webpage.

Aronofsky is deep into The Black Swan promotion at the moment, while Jolie is directing her first feature, and Pitt is involved in the upcoming Moneyball, among other things. There are so many projects on the table for all of them, it remains to be seen how likely it is that The Tiger will start hunting anytime soon.