Someone somewhere thought it was a good idea to put Ray Liotta in a movie that features a nudist colony as a main locale.

That’s just what happened with the upcoming Jennifer Aniston comedy, Wanderlust. THR reports that Liotta has signed on to join Aniston and Paul Rudd in David Wain’s film about a wealthy New York couple, who decide to try the easy life down in Georgia after Rudd loses his high-paying job. Before they get there, however, they stop at a Bed and Breakfast that also happens to be a nudist commune.

Wain and Rudd have worked together several times already, most notably on Role Models, which had its moments. Wain’s a talented writer (he’s co-writing here), but the nudist colony aspect seems, at first glance, as more of a stunt element than anything else. Hopefully that’s not the case, it’s just first impressions.

Liotta will join a supporting cast including Justin Theroux, Malin Akerman and Alan Alda – who plays the head of the nudist community. Filming is underway now in Georgia.

If you’re interested you can follow the production on David Wain’s blog, which he updates regularly. It’s a nice peek inside the inner workings of a film on location, and how a writer/director perceives the translation of their script onto film. Check it out.