If you follow Sylvester Stallone on Twitter, it should come as no surprise that The Expendables will be hitting stores soon as he’s been Tweeting frequently over the past few weeks about editing a new cut of the film (and about life in general).

Although now that the official specs of the Blu-ray have been released, it leads one to believe that there might be a double-dipping for this flick in the near future since there’s nothing about a director’s cut in this edition.  Makes you wonder what Sly’s been doing re-editing the film if they’re just putting out the theatrical version — unless of course it’s just to make it available in time for the holiday rush, with plans to release an unrated cut later on.

Either way, this Blu-ray is pretty well stocked with features that make it a worthwhile pick-up if you dig the flick: the movie itself is presented in “Ultimate Recon Mode” in-movie BonusView; the Comic Con 2010 panel with Rocky, Drago, Sargon, President Camacho, and Stone Cold; audio commentary with Rambo; making-of and post-production documentaries; deleted scenes and a gag reel; and more Blu-ray specific goodies.  The Three-Disc Combo Pack also comes with a DVD version and a digital copy as well, completing the digital trifecta for your collection.

The DVD alone only comes with audio commentary, a “Before the Battle” featurette, deleted scenes, gag reel, and a bunch of TV spots and trailers.

The Expendables Blu-Ray Combo Pack will retail for $39.99 while the DVD should go for $29.95.  Both hit stores on November 23rd.