Hint: This was not a theatrical film.

What is this? Every single day of the
week (almost), a new “Graboid”, a single moment grabbed from a random
movie, appears on this site for you to guess the name of the film,
share with your officemates, or discuss on our message boards.
Sometimes the Graboid will be very easy and sometimes it’ll be as
obscure as obscure gets. So read the news, read the reviews, and enjoy
a screencap each and every day (almost) for your guessing pleasure.


Guess the Graboid, Get a Benefit

Occasionally, with the Graboid, we offer the chance to allow you, the Chewers, to get in on some swag or to contribute directly to the content of regular features on the site.  It’s called Graboid With Benefits.  It’s simple,
guess The Graboid, get the Benefit.  Enjoy, and happy grabbing.

Benefits List:

1.  Choose a film for Movie of the Day.  You choose it, we do it.

2.  Choose a subject for What I’m Thankful For
Again, you choose it, you write it up, we post it on the main
page.  Or, you choose the subject and we take a crack at it.

3.  Choose a worthy subject you want to see receive their props for CHUD Salutes…

4.  Submit a picture for The Graboid.  We’ll be calling it the Guestboid.  For one day, The Graboid is yours to command.  If it’s not guessed within 25 tries in the Graboid MB thread, you get an extra
Graboid win (a couple of guidelines apply).

So there you have it.  Interactivity that’s up for Grabs…so to speak.

If you can find a Graboid anywhere for a better price, GRAB IT!