Morgan Freeman sat down for an interview with MTV, where he gave his thoughts on what Batman 3 might contain, now that Christoper Nolan has essentially confirmed that he’s back for the third installment.  On the subject of whether or not Catwoman would be in the mix, and a particular actress that Freeman had in mind to portray her, he had this to say:

“Well, yes and no. But I don’t know if that’s going to be [Nolan’s] choice.
There’s been talk of the Riddler, talk of the Joker—I don’t mean the
Joker—the Penguin. Philip Seymour Hoffman as the Penguin, and that
sounds interesting to me. So we’ll wait and see. And there just may be
more than one.”

Freeman says, though, that when it comes to the details, he knows about as much as we do.  But he seemed pretty secure in saying that Mr. Freeze wouldn’t be the guy.  On a related topic, Aaron Eckhart said he’d be available for a return appearance as Two-Face.  Whatever Nolan wants to do with the third film, I’m confident it’ll be good, because I’m confident in Nolan’s choices and I heartily enjoyed the first two films.  Also, since he’s as good as been anointed as the Chosen One by Warner Bros., there won’t be any Spider-Man 3-style shoe-horning in another villain scenario.  So if Nolan wants two villains, it’ll be his choice. 

Since everyone has their take on the third film, as evidenced by this gallery alone, allow me mine if you will:

Considering how the Gotham underworld was panicking at Batman’s effectiveness in the last film, and the reputation he had gotten to the public at large now as a murderer, my personal preference would be to see a Bane scenario play out. And play out in a non-complete-and-total-shit manner this time.  Perhaps Bane floods the streets with a watered down Venom that criminals feel they need to deal with the newer, scarier Batman or something along those lines.  Makes trouble for Bats because he’s having more and more difficulty in taking out criminals physically, and it gives Bane a monopoly on a brand new drug.  But he saves the real good stuff for himself in his bid to take over the Gotham crime set.  And along the line somewhere, he hands Batman his ass in a one-on-one confrontation.  This prompts Bruce Wayne to figure just how far he’s really willing to go to stop him.  And the whole broken back thing can be skipped over obviously. 

For although I’m always good to see a hot actress in skintight vinyl, Catwoman has been done and done well already.  Bane hasn’t.  You can check out the clip below for the Freeman interview.

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