The newest season in the longest running sci-fi show in TV history is coming to Blu-ray and DVD on November 9th, but we’ve managed to snag 2 sets of each format for our readers!

Summary The Doctor, after regenerating into a brand-new man, faces immediate danger as he escapes from the wreckage of his crashed time machine. Still wearing the remains of the Tenth Doctor’s suit, ripped and raggedy from the damage after the TARDIS control room exploded, The Doctor and his new associate, Amy Pond, become embroiled in an alien plot that could destroy the Earth.

Special Features

• 6 discs, featuring all 13 episodes from Series 5
• “Meanwhile in the TARDIS”, see what happens between the episodes, exclusive to this DVD and Blu-ray set
• “Doctor Who Confidential”, an inside look at each episode
• “Monster Files”, behind the scenes look at some of the new Doctor’s most challenging opponents
• In-vision commentaries
• Video Diaries by Matt Smith (The Doctor)
• Outtakes

Remember, we only have 2 Blu-ray and 2 DVD sets available, so please specify your choice when you email your entry in, please. If you win and end up with the DVD set instead of the Blu-ray you may have requested… you’re still welcome.

To Enter

1. In subject line put DOCTOR WHO CONTEST
2. In body of text please include your full name, mailing address and whether you would like the Blu-ray or DVD
3. What is your opinion of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, compared to the previous incarnations of the character?
4. Email entry here