Well, he’s not the first musician to start producing his own horror
movies (Dee Snider, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, etc. etc.) but he’s the
one with the most hair in his eyes.

Deadline has just
announced that Slash of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver fame has teamed with Scout Productions (Session 9, Fog
of War
) to start up Slasher Films. Their aim is to produce “edgy
contemporary horror fare with a nod to the thrillers of the ’70s and

They’ve already got the first one to kick things off, Nothing to Fear,  based on a script by Jonathan W.C. Mills and ready to go into production early next year. It’s about a family that tries to reinvent itself by moving to a small town in Kansas that inadvertently succeeds in its goal thanks to an ancient demon who tortures them.

“I’ve always been a huge horror fan and creating films that take you back to the days where horror movies actually scared the hell out of you is something I’ve always wanted to do,” says Slash. “My audience is made up of young, edgy, discerning consumers, with an appetite for quality and a hint of anarchy.”