Though thankfully not while in the theater!

MTV is premiering their new horror film Savage County on MTV2 tonight, Thursday the 7th at 11pm (10 central), and the director David Harris wants to watch it along with you. He’ll be tweeting on his twitter account at using the #SavageCounty hashtag if you’d like to follow along. While it’s a pretty clever idea, I can’t imagine watching a movie for the first time while checking my computer or phone for twitter updates every few minutes. But hey, judging from how many people (and critics!) I see on Facebook and Twitter saying that “they’re watching a movie”, multitasking while watching a movie seems pretty prevalent. Plus, there will be commercials!
The low-budget film was originally conceived as a web series but received so much attention that they decided to air the full thing on tv. It will definitely seem familiar to anyone who’s seen a horror movie in the last few decades- it’s about a group of kids on a road trip attacked by reclusive family of murderers, after all- but it’s aimed at MTV’s teen audience, despite looking quite brutal. Check out the trailer below.

In bizarre personal news, the poster for the film was drawn by Vincent Castiglia, an amazing artist who has done tattoo work on myself, my wife, and a bunch of my friends. When he’s not doing tattoos he likes to create fine art using his own blood, which is exactly what that Savage County poster at the top of your screen was inked with. Check out his site at to see some of his utterly amazing (and fucking insane, HR Giger-inspired) work.

Both Harris and Castiglia will be at the New York Comic Con for a panel this Saturday at 2pm, followed by a poster signing afterwards.