We’ve known for years that Raimi would be tackling another tentpole film sooner rather than later, but the most likely film for him to direct has changed many times. The collapse of Spider-Man 4, the lack of traction for The Hobbit, and a duel between Legendary and Disney on behalf of World of Warcraft and OZ: The Great and Powerful have all added to the mists that have clouded Raimi’s future. However, the fog has lifted- Raimi has committed to directing Oz for Disney, a project that will roll next year, according to Deadline.

In all the coverage of Raimi’s waxing and waning interest in the film, one constant has been that he wants Robert Downey Jr. to slide behind the wonderful wizard’s sleeve curtain, in the event he directed. Apparently prospects on that arrangement have improved, with Downey “warming as Raimi honed the movie.” Sounds hot.

The film is also set to be re-written, this time by Pulitzer Prize winner David Lindsay-Abaire. The scribe’s most recent success is seeing Rabbit Hole, a film he adapted from his own award-winning play, be acquired by Lionsgate and positioned as an Oscar contender.

The end of the year should bring a lot more news as the new script is turned in and Raimi gears up for production. Expect casting announcements even sooner than that.