Kathryn Bigelow is looking to fill her next film with big talent, and apparently Tom Hanks is a likely candidate. Deadline has word
that the Oscar winner and most-loved man in Hollywood is considering
taking, though he’s not a sure thing. Tom Hanks currently has his own Larry Crowne on his slate, as well as a flick with Sandra Bullock. The Bigelow film, now titled Sleeping Dogs according to MTV,
is set to shoot soon, so I’m sure there are scheduling considerations
to be worked out. There are also apparently four other large roles to be
filled that we’ll likely hear something about soon.

written about Kathryn Bigelow’s next project a number of times, and
while the previous articles are apparently buried to deep for Google to
dig up, I’ve always been very intrigued by the locale it is set in. The
“Triple Frontier” is the border between Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina
and is a haven for the black market, terrorism, and underground
militias. While the organized crime element and dangerous nature of the
location are interesting enough to power a film, there has also been a
lot of mysterious United States activity in the area, including a
shadowy military base that little is known about. Considering how vague
the details have been, I still suspect there might be more to this
script than just a organized crime story. I’m still waiting for story
details to emerge and confirm my hunch, or blast it away.

The danger inherent in the area has driven filmmakers out of town before –from what I understand, Miami Vice
moved production after finding security too lax in the area– it will
be interesting to see how Bigelow manages this hostile territory, and
who she convinces to do it with her.